Monday, March 9, 2009


Dear Quatty,
Hope you had a good weekend.
Last week after running somewhere I made an unfortunate discovery. I looked in the mirror and saw that my whole face had turned pink except for the space on my upper lip. It looked like I had a white mustache. Why would my face do something so dumb? Does that mean every time I've ever become flushed I've had a negative space mustache?

This is unfortunate

Since I didn't specify, I guess you're right. The cat could be all butts. Poor kitty....Pitty


  1. !!!!!! I get that too! it's so embarrassing :c
    especially when I used to take gym in highschool :ccc

  2. haha. haha. cats and butts and white mustahces, quit pursing your lips so often!

  3. haha...I like the kitty with lots of butts. That would be hard to pick up, you would have an armful of butts (yuck)

    I like the blushstache. that's pretty funny scoops.

  4. Got milk? That's good enough for you to sign up for a dairy-free ad campaign to get a milkstache without ever drinking any.