Monday, August 16, 2010

In a hurry

The other day I was leaving the rest room in a hurry and smacked right into a girl around the corner. I had so much force going that I took an additional 2 steps even after we collided. What can you say after that?
I said, " Sorry, I couldn't stop"
It was true, but it didn't make it any less embarrassing.


  1. Wow. Nice tackle attempt. In football they teach you to tackle through your opponent and not just up to them so theoretically, you should have taken her down. Maybe next time. ;-]

  2. aw man, that's a bad one scoops

  3. I can relate. I always try to put as much distance between myself and my dirty work as possible.

  4. small but powerful. That tall girl didn't know what hit her.

  5. I'm always bumping into the lovechild of Melissa Roberts and Jen Hager