Monday, June 22, 2009

Scribbly dog comic

Dear Quatty,

You know the ugly window sill the land lady shoved against the house to try and keep the dog out? Well it's not working. The other day I found a pile of poop right in the middle of the dirt patch where the lady stole my tree.

I called mammy and she said to cut up peppers and sprinkle it on the spot. That would keep the dog away.

I sprinkled those peppers all over the place and went for a drive with Muto. I forgot to wash my hands after cutting the pepper and wiped my eye.

Mutie ran out of the car like a hero and bought me a bottle of water. I held it up to my flaming eyeball. I also splashed the water over my eyes and was thankful I hadn't applied any mascara that day.

This morning there was no poop on the lawn, but a pile right outside the fence. Either the dog was lazy today or the peppers worked. Results are inconclusive.


  1. I damn near spit out my soda while reading this

  2. HAHAHA! I totally LOLed at that drawing of Muto yelling, "Pullover!" to you. Dude that is hilarious!

  3. haha...this is a good one Scoopy. I was wondering what you were gonna do with that pepper. I asked court last week and he didn't know either. This explains it all.

  4. LOL.

    Even Alton Brown uses a latex glove when he cuts up peppers. He said the capsacium (the hot/spicy molecule) sticks really well to skin. But he uses the peppers for cooking.

    You can buy a bulk pack of red chili flakes and sprinkle them all around the place. We've done that on our front lawn. Then you don't need either the glove or the raw pepper and you can probably drive later if you don't touch the flakes when sprinkling them.

    We'll be waiting to see if you can conclude anything.

  5. Life is amazing/horrible


  6. That is an excellent story. Maybe peppers work with pigeons?
    Peppered pigeons. At least its fun to say!

  7. I like how you wounded your eyes and muto was nice about it. Did he yell though?
    My mom wants to let you know you can call the cops/animal control on the lady if you want.