Monday, April 20, 2009

Money Tree

Dear Quatty,

Happy Monday.
For a while now I've thought about what the perfect source of magic money would be. Some people wish they could have a money tree. That would be nice, but it would also make me very nervous. What if you're a bad gardener like me and accidentally kill it? Would you also have to wait for the dollar leaves to grow before harvesting them? if people found out about your tree you would have to protect it. Sounds inconvenient.

So I thought I would rather have a small magic box that I could ask for either a certain amount of money, some gold, or diamonds. Every time i opened the box the new things would appear. I thought it might be better to ask for diamonds because then I could trade them for the money they're worth. It would take more effort and might look a bit suspicious, but it would be better than putting a bunch of new currency in circulation. I would have to worry about people finding out and stealing the box. I might also lose it.

What would you choose?


  1. Yeah that sounds like a pretty good system. You would also have to worry about bugs eating your money tree...

  2. I would overwater the plant and chop up the magic box in my greed. And learn some kind of fabular lesson.

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