Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Dear Quatty,

Last night I tried a bunch of Kinder brand chocolates that Pen was nice enough to save for me. I had all kinds of interesting things including my recent favorite, the Bueno bar. Pen opened a Giant Kinder egg with a turtle stamp inside. I made Adam finish a brownie style bar while I plowed through the rest of it. It was great, even thought I ate too much ;)


  1. Hahah, this drawing is so freaking funny. That might be the best caricature of Muto yet.And the way you draw yourself makes you look like some sort of giddy besweatered piglet sniffing for truffles. It's a good Pendleton too, although I think these guys still have the award for best Pen drawing:


  2. Haha! You're right about that.