Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What's in my purse today?

Hi Quatty,

I had a pitch this morning at 8:00 so i'm pretty tired.
While I was waiting for the notes I went through my purse. This is what I found:

1. Coin Purse - Contains 4 quarters exactly
2. Wallet - Contains a $5 bill and 52 cents in change, various cards
3. 1 ball point pen and 1 felt tip pen. One for drawing, one for writing checks
4. A spotty banana
5. Sunglasses
6. Pair of easter socks with chickens on them. ( I forgot to draw the faces on them)
7. Lip balm - pumpkin flavor
8. Check book. The next check has Cinderella on it
9. A sample pack of "living green liquid gels"
10. A handsomely framed picture (You know what this is Quatty)
11. New headphones. haven't used them yet
12. An orange from grandma's tree. Looks more like a lemon to me.
13. Mirror. Today at lunch I got some rice stuck in my bangs. This would have been useful
14. My telly

And that is all :)


  1. those headphones are skull-shaped!

  2. I saw that after I drew it. Weird huh? maybe it's a sign that I shouldn't use them.

  3. do you always carry socks in your purse? and why were you carrying aroung that ugly baby pic? see you tonight :)