Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Request #2

Dear Mammy,
If I were stuck on a tropical Island and allowed only three items, this is what I would choose:

1. A very good, sharp knife
2. A large brand new lighter
3. A survival book for a tropical region

Why these? I guess most people answer with movies and books and such. But what good is a book if you're gonna die before you can finish reading it? A dvd is also no good because that requires a player and electricity. All that. So I would choose items that would help me survive.

If I've learned anything from Survivorman, it's that you can't do anything without a good knife.
I would use it to cut branches for my shelter, make tools, pry open shells, open coconuts, fillet my fish. .... All kinds of stuff.

Fire is also a necessity for survival. So I choose a lighter. Easier than trying to use twigs or light matches. It will run out eventually, but if I plan correctly, I can make it last a long time.

And finally, the survival book. You can't last on fish and coconuts for long. Your body will start to cannibalize itself. Something I learned from a Lost featurette. So I figure this will tell me what's edible, poisonous and other useful stuff.

There you have it.


  1. Very informative. It's amazing what you can learn from Lost and Survivor man. Unfortunately I can't get the self-cannibalization picture out of my head.

    Well, gotta go now...looking for a sharp knife-just in case. Be Peprared.

  2. good thinking scoopy. I just hope you get a good book so you don't eat the wrong things and die! :o