Friday, March 20, 2009

Faces & Candy

Dear Quatty,
Here's another thing I submitted to the caricature show. It was something that happened at a meeting.

Also, I discovered something wonderful today. It's a Canadian candy bar called Bueno, made by Kinder. It's the thinnest wafer pocket stuffed with really fluffy hazelnut cream. So light it feels like you almost didn't eat it at all. Incredible. I almost wish I didn't know about it because then I wouldn't miss it. Lucky Canada.

Happy weekend!


  1. ... I just ordered a TOONNN of Kinder bueno bars and other candies from this website:

  2. I can also send you some when I go back.

  3. Those caricatures read like a million bucks, Mitchell. Especially the last panel. His eyes look like a game of pong.


  4. John said it so smugly. He's pretty funny.

    If only bueno the bear could be the mascot for Bueno the candy. Hope you enjoy those Pen.