Thursday, February 19, 2009


Dear Quatty,


  1. Salmon for everyone next Christmas!

    Wow! I think you should check to see if someone
    is slipping you medication at night. Maybe,
    Desmond. For the rest of us it is pretty entertaining in a slightly demented way.

  2. I honestly wish I could remember my dreams this vividly, or that they were one tenth as interesting as this. Instead the dreams I have involve me being late, or waking's all very meta.
    Also, what are you eating before bed? Whatever it is, double it. It can only get more entertaining...right?

  3. LOL x 2.
    Here's your out: At the just the right moment I would have chosen the weird pistol and put baking soda and vinegar into it to accompany the three balls instead of stupid-nothing flour. Anticipating the consequences I would have been extremely confident that handing the "fully-loaded" weapon over to either competitor would have annihilated both of them from the simple, but powerful and emminent, chemical reaction. Then I would have slept like a warm wallaby all night. That's why I wake up so rested.

  4. Interesting.
    The problem is I didn't want to die and I didn't want to kill Don. That's why I went with the elaborate escape plan. Then everything would be fine because I'm sure Don could handle that other guy.
    It wasn't nothing flour. The flour was a necessary part of how the gun worked. I don't know why, but it was.

    Also, I didn't eat or take anything weird. The last thing I had before bed was rice pudding. It all came from things I saw that day. For example, I was watching a documentary about vicious squid that are spreading as far up as Alaska. So I said " They better not eat my salmon!" Which is probably why there was a large salmon in the dream. Don was one of the last people I talked to before leaving work. I don't know where the guns came from.

  5. wow...what a dream. I never have any stories like that. And I loved the picture of mammy cutting salmon, I was laughing pretty hard at that picture! Good thing you escaped under the floor boards before you had to fight. shoont!

  6. Got it. Just think, your head would expode if you didn't dream these things away.

    Your wool hear was precious. It's the best Valentine's present.