Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Dear Quatty,

I know you can't see any of this yet, but I'm posting things for you anyway. I'm going to plant my little cooperi in a green can of cat food as soon as I get some dirt. I have to keep an eye on those orchid bugs and try not to water that plant as much. I'm curious to see what those new shoots will turn into.



  1. mammy has those bugs all over her plants too! They come off pretty easily. Shoont, you better keep a close eye on them. So you are planting that plant from work in a cat food can?

  2. Next time sign your name as Quatty. I'm not even sure how you used my name, but it's confusing.

  3. Those bugs are scale. Take some diluted
    dishsoap and either spray or rub with a cloth
    over the tops and backs of the leaves.

    I can't tell if the buds are flowers or not.